American Dad Season 7 Review: America or Bust

Review written by Jia-Wei Wang

Seth MacFarlane strikes comedy gold again with American Dad! Volume 7. Similar to another one of MacFarlane’s work called Family Guy, American Dad is about a wacky family with a talking pet dealing with the many struggles of daily life in a comedic way. Stan Smith is the controlling father who also happens to be a Republican and CIA agent. He is married to Francine Smith who often exhibits longing for her more youthful days. They have two children by the names of Hayley, who is a college student whose political views often contradict her father and Steve, a high school nerd always trying to live up to his father’s expectation. The nonhuman characters in the family are an alien from Area 51 named Roger and a talking fish names Klaus. From situations including daughters eloping and young love, American Dad sets up events in which everything ends in hilarious disaster.

Social and political commentaries are where comedians get an amazing amount of material and American Dad is basically the animated version of that. In the episode called “There Will Be Bad Blood,” Stan invites his Indian half brother over for Thanksgiving and brags about his home and how wealthy he is. One day as Steve is expanding his room without his parents’ permission, Stan decides that they will visit Rusty’s house to teach Steve a lesson about what he takes for granted. Unfortunately, Stan assumed that Rusty lived very poorly when in fact, he was rich. He eventually becomes so jealous that he decides to take Rusty’s wealth for his own. This social commentary of assuming poverty and the political one of American entitlement is the kind of humor expected to be found in the series.

My favorite episode of volume 7 is “For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls”, a holiday special that pits the Smith family against Santa and his army. An accidental killing of a mall Santa has Stan and Steve bury the body, but it turns out the body might not have been what they expected. Santa vows revenge and the Smith family runs to hide from the man who knows if you have been naughty or nice. Roger makes a new friend who teaches him the magic of Moonshine, and eventually as the clock ticks down to Christmas Eve, it becomes an all out war, and each side gives the gift of bullets.

Video Quality

The video quality of the DVDs is great and is presented in widescreen. Character animation is detailed and silky smooth. Also, scenes involving explosions are fun to watch because of the animation style, especially how it has developed over the last few years.

Audio Quality

The DVDs features audio English 5.1 Dolby Digital and Spanish Dolby Surround. The voice acting for the episodes is amazing and fits the characters perfectly.


The 3-disc box set includes all 19 episodes from season 6 including deleted scenes from each episodes that can turn out to be even funnier than the actual episode scene. Commentary of select episodes and some footage of American Dad at Comic-Con 2010 are also included in the extra features. The best feature is probably the tribute to Patrick Stewart, simply because he is the man.

American Dad! Volume 7 is a great collection of episodes for any fan of Seth MacFarlane and a must watch for those who have somehow not been introduced to this form of comedy.

Seth MacFarlane’s team makes you enjoy and cringe at some of the comedy style that loves to push the limits, and Roger like takes to take that the extreme.

You can also catch episodes of American Dad on Fox or Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. Now there’s no excuse for you not to watch it.

Grade: A

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