Draw Something users, where’d you guys go?

FRODO by fobwashed

Draw Something was a phenomenon when it came out. In 50 days of its launch, it was able to reach 50 million downloads. With all the hype surrounding it, I had to download the app on my Android. During that time, I played Draw Something a lot with my friends. It was a lot of fun to see how good or bad your friends draw. After a couple weeks, the excitement was gone and I stopped playing. You can blame that on the limited word choices, since I got tired of drawing Frodo over and over again.

It looks like the mass amount of users agree too, since Draw Something is losing users at a fast rate. How fast? How about 4 million daily users over the past month. On April 2nd it had 14.3 million people, and on May 2nd it went down to 10.4 million. Sucks to be Zynga, since they bought Draw Something out for $200 million recently.

Source: BBC

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