Diablo 3 TV spots and launch events


There’s less than two weeks left before the hordes of Burning Hells are unleashed upon the Earth. They have already started to make their presence known. They have started a campaign on the television screen, letting the world know of their ascension to Earth. Just look at the vileness that they wish to bring upon Earth and all of its inhabitants.

Seeing all these commercials just gets me even more excited. It just means that Diablo III will finally be in my hands after so many years of waiting. With the release date fast approaching Blizzard has made some midnight launch parties all across the globe.

Events will be held in Berlin, London, Moscow, Paris, Stockholm, and Warsaw for the European locations. Taipei, Singapore, Bangkok, and Seoul will have events for the Asian countries. And the United States events will be held in Irvine, California; which is the location of the Blizzard campus. For more information of where specifically the events will be held, please check the link below.

Enough with the party talk on to the TV spots. Please take a look below and enjoy.



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