The Pong Indie Developer Challenge rallies up some semi-finalists

A few months ago we told you about Atari’s Indie Developer Challenge. Maybe you have fond memories of Pong, or maybe you’re in the large camp of people who make fun of Pong for being so archaic. It is because of the latter group that I think it would simply be awesome to see Pong re-envisioned to fit modern expectations in terms of both graphics and gameplay. Let’s take a minute out of our day to appreciate the Pong of old:

Oh, continuing on so soon? Yeah, I know, it’s going to need a lot of work, but that’s why indie developers are being challenged to re-create the game into something extraordinary. Pong was revolutionary for its time, and given the right amount of newness and polish, it can at the very least be marketable for the current generation.

These are Atari’s 20 semi-finalists they chose from a healthy group of 87 developers:

  • Marc Goudet
  • Caldera Studios
  • Pegpeg
  • Kaazing
  • Delusions
  • Island Officials
  • Rafael Santillana
  • Andrew Sipotz
  • MadRuse Games
  • Fishbowl Productions, Inc.
  • zGames
  • Eppy Games
  • WorldHiveBrain
  • Producto Studios
  • Spantom Games
  • Autonomous Productions
  • Love at First Eye
  • SmugBee Games
  • Philosophy Major Studios
  • Meteo Studios

Congratulations to you all. In addition to gaining fame, 1st place for the competition will receive $50,000, 2nd place will receive $37,500, 3rd place will receive $15,000, and up to seven additional runner-ups will net a nice sum of $5,000 each. Up to 10 finalists will be selected to take part in a revenue-sharing publishing deal. The finalists will be announced on June 19th, and winners will be announced on August 2nd.

The next step might interest you readers a bit more as it pertains to actual gameplay being shown. On June 5th these semi-finalists must submit a demo and video for their game idea. Assuming Atari makes these pieces of media available, we’ll be more than happy to share them with all of you. For more information on the Pong Indie Developer Challenge, please refer to the official site.

Source: Atari

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