Playstation All-Star Battle Royale announced


It has been nearly 13 years since Super Smash Bros. made its debut in the video game world. To be precise it was exactly 13 years to the date (yesterday) that it was released. It was April 26, 1999 that Nintendo released a video game based on its popular characters and having them fight.



Now Sony has decided to announce their version of the game. So far we see only a few characters: Kratos, Fat Princess, Parappa, Sweet Tooth, Mael Radec, and Sly Cooper; and I know there will be more characters to come. The game is being developed by SuperBot Entertainment, a company created specifically for this game. They see this as a celebration of a storied history of great characters and rich worlds brought together in one game.



And since they love fighting games, it was an obvious choice to make this one as a fighting game. The game has both single and multiplayer modes. It also has online play for people to compete with or do a cooperative play or maybe do a little tournament. More reveals and announcements when E3 comes around, so stay tuned.




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