Giveaway: Riot Nasus Skin Code

Like League of Legends? We’re giving away two Riot Nasus Skin Codes on our stream ( tomorrow night (4/28) starting at 8pm PST. What’s League of Legends you say? It’s one of the fastest growing action strategy PC games and best of all, It’s free! This code will give you the champion Nasus and his Riot Police skin! These codes were only given out to attendants at PAX West. Playing with us will get you the chance to be entered into a drawing! Now for the legit mumbo jumbo:

How to be entered into our drawing:

  • Like us on Facebook! If you’re already a fan then you’re good to go!
  • Sign up here and Log on to League of Legends! If you have an account already, that’s great!
  • Look for our custom game named “NERD REACTOR” (Password will be “nerdzilla”) hosted on the North American servers between 8 pm -11pm Pacific Standard Time
  • Anyone that plays in our room will be entered into the drawing that will between the 9 – 9:30 pm depending on the status of our games. And the last one will be near the end of the stream around 11 pm.

Winners will be contacted via in-game and Facebook message for their e-mail. If winners do not respond within 2 days, prizes will be forfeited and a new winner will be drawn. These codes will only work on the North American servers so please make sure you are playing on the right region.


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