Madden cover winner announced


Voting ended today for the player chosen to be on the cover of Madden. From a field of 32 players, one was chosen to grace the cover of Madden ’13. It was a close one between Cam Newton and Calvin “Megatron” Johnson. And the winner is none other than Calvin “Megatron” Johnson. Let’s take a look at the Megatron’s ascension to the cover of Madden ’13.

On the first round he easily dispatched Dwayne Bowe by receiving 92% of the votes, next he took care of Arian Foster by taking 73% of the votes, afterwards he finished off Rob Gronkowski by nabbing 63% of the votes. In the semifinals, a tough test of facing Aaron Rodgers and besting him by hauling in 67% of the votes.

In the finals, came his toughest opponent, Cam Newton, the super rookie who took the NFL by storm; shattering rookie records like no one’s business. This time the margin of victory was not that big and understandably so, Cam Newton had his “Superman Mode-On” throughout the whole season. But he will get his chances in the future to grace the cover of Madden. For now, it is Calvin “Megatron” Johnson who will be on the cover of Madden ’13.

As a fan of Megatron, I’m happy that he won. But as a fantasy football player this may not be a good sign. Many people, who follow the sport of football and Madden, know that the player who graces the cover of Madden will show a decline in production the next season or worse injured. I hope that it doesn’t happen to Megatron as he helped me win in one of my leagues and get 3rd place on my other league. But we will see what the new season brings to fantasy football players.

For now, I will congratulate Calvin “Megatron” Johnson on winning the cover spot for the upcoming Madden ’13 game.




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