Cell Drive: A flash drive that charges your phone

Ever go out somewhere and notice your smartphone is at its last breath, and you really need to make a phone call? Well, worry no more. Thanks to Cell Drive you now have a multi-purpose back-up battery. Cell Drive comes in two different sizes; a 4GB and an 8GB drive. But the Cell Drive is not just for charging your phone and a flash drive, it can also be used as a data transfer device. So no need to carry around that USB cable everywhere with you.

As a smartphone user whose battery life is not that long, I see this as a great device. This will also save me from walking around with two different items, my spare battery and data cable, to places. I can’t wait to see what this can do for me. We’ll have a review up soon, so stay tuned for an update on this beautiful device. For more information checkout their website on the link below.


USB Cell Drive: Cell Drive

Portable backup battery, USB charger, flash drive, and data transfer device

  • Uniquely supports all mobile device charging formats
  • 600 mAh rechargeable back up battery restores and extends battery life for mobile device
  • Provides USB charging capability for iPhone/iPod and other micro USB charged devices
  • Micro USB connector converts to iPhone/iPod and mini USB with snap-on adaptor
  • Serves as plug-and-play 4GB/8GB flash/thumb drive (larger memory available)
  • Patented technology makes it the most complete mobile charging accessory available today

Source: USB Cell Drive

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