Catch MLG’s Spring Fighter Arena this weekend


Major League Gaming is helping to promote the fighting game community as much as they can, and they were off to a great start with the Winter Championships last month. Now, while the Spring Championship is coming in June, MLG is helping give fighting game fans something to tide them over until the major event with a bit of a weekend brawl.

The MLG Spring Fighter Arena will be their first such broadcast for fighting games, and it will be taking place this Saturday, April 28. The participants will be the top 8 finalists from the Winter Championships from Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur V, and includes names such as CDJr, Reo, and CURBOLICIOUS on MK, as well as Keev, Kayane, and rtd_atl on SCV. Broadcasting will take place on the MLG website, and is set to begin at 2PM EST.

The competition can be watched on the MLG website and will take place on two different streams. The main stream will showcase the action, and features commnentary from FGC personalities like Juicebox Abel and Tom Brady. SD viewing wil be free, but HD viewing passes will cost users $5. The second stream will show behind-the-scenes coverage provided by Gootecks, and will be free to watch the entire day.

Expect a lot of high octane action, and, if the Winter Championships were any indication, a fair amount of drama as well from both games.

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