DVD Review: Todd & The Book of Pure Evil Season 1

When I first heard about Todd and the Book of Pure Evil and saw the trailer, I thought, “Okay, this is going to be lame.” I started with the first season and surprisingly, it’s actually not bad. It has its funny but crude moments. Yeah, there are gross moments that make you go WTF – like a guy actually bleeding… from his ass and a giant talking penis, but honestly, it works.

This is a stoner, oversexualized Scooby gang trying to find a book – The Book of Pure Evil. The plot takes place in fictional Crowley High. Stoner and wannabe rock god Todd Smith (Alex House) and his fellow one-armed stoner friend Curtis (Billy Turnbull) team up with hot, tough girl Jenny (Maggie Castle), shy nerd Hannah (Maggie Lieshman) and the hilarious, awkward guidance counselor Atticus Finch Jr. (Chris Leavins) to search for the book. The book comes to students who are at their lowest and grant them their wish, but with evil results. The characters all work well together in this series and you get attached to them as the show progresses.

Each episode shows a new student getting their wish with tragic and gruesome results. From cloning incestuous lesbian twins to a giant killing baby, this series reaches to extreme weird heights. Todd and his gang work together to stop each situation – whether they like to or not. Throughout the show, all signs point to Todd being the ultimate pure evil one. He must stop the book from destroying his city and himself.

I think it takes a certain type of humor to understand this series, but if you do have that sense of humor – this is a fun show. It also has Jason Mewes – as the school janitor – and seriously, that is kinda awesome. I’m glad to have watched this series. I love the humor of Chris Leavins. His character is who I look forward to watching the most. His punchlines and awkward humor just made me laugh so much. They definitely gained a new fan for season two.

The quality of the DVD is good and is presented in 16×9 format – the blood and fluids look pretty gross. The color quality is like watching a standard television episode. The sound is in 5.1 surround sound and the music works well, playing mainly heavy metal rock.

DVD Features

  • Blooper Reel: Pretty standard in their mistakes, but the best is the Jason Mewes prank on Alex House.
  • Outtakes & Deleted Scenes: They show some extended clips but nothing that changes the storylines.
  • The Bowels of Hell: Extended Musical Scenes: This is added from the musical and is hilarious.
  • Q&A with the Quixotic and Awesome cast: They ask the cast several individual questions and they are pretty interesting. Some were very different from the characters they played.
  • Todd & The Book of Pure Evil: The original short film: Soooo different from the current series. The series is a lot better.
  • Promotional Clips: These are suppose to be a promo for each episode and should be included at the end of every episode. It doesn’t make sense by themselves.


Overall: It’s a fun series. I wasn’t expecting myself to enjoy the series, but I watched it nonstop. If you love comedy and crude, over-the-top horror, this is for you. I recommend it for a good laugh.

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