Blizzard’s stress test for Diablo III left many gamers stressed out

This past weekend, Blizzard decided to give fans a treat by running a 3-day stress test for their servers which in turn allowed everyone to play the Diablo III beta. Some might say that they enjoyed it a lot and had fun playing the game.

Unfortunately, not everyone had the same experience. Many players that tried to log into were greeted with various errors, the most popular being Error 37.

Other errors included servers down, player limits being capped and connection errors. Obviously if there is a problem occurring, that means there are people to complain about it. On the forums, there has been an ongoing complaints list from players that were having such issues.

Here’s a few:

“12 years iv been waiting and I can’t even log in … this is so depressing … 300 times iv tried,” – TheJam

“Keeps going back/forth from the 3003 error to you’ve been disconnected and wiping my info entirely…” – SunGaard

“didnt even get to play dumb f**king errors better not have that shit when the game comes out” – Jon

Blizzard will have their hands full when the game launches on May 15th. I don’t think there will be a problem when that time comes, as the same thing happened when they tested the servers for World of Warcraft. In any event, we will just have to wait until the game comes out to see what happens.

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