Sony Pictures giving fans what they want with Resident Evil: Damnation

When it comes to video game movies you tend to be disappointed, since it’s really difficult to capture a whole gaming experience in a 90-minute movie. Most of the time it ends up with fans liking or hating it. Let’s take the Resident Evil movies for example, some people enjoy the live-action movies with Milla Jovovich, and other don’t enjoy the movies for multiple reasons.

Capcom and Sony did, however, release another Resident Evil movie titled Resident Evil: Degeneration, which was all done via CGI and starred Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield (taking place between Resident Evil 4 and 5). If you’re a fan of the CGI movies, then it’s time to rejoice, because it’s confirmed that a second movie is being made. Titled Resident Evil: Damnation, the film will once again have Leon Kennedy as the main lead as he heads to a small East European nation caught in a civil war.

Shotaro Suga is writing the script for the movie. He has also worked on multiple animes such as Eureka 7, Full Metal Alchemist, Blood + and also worked on the previous RE CGI movie.

The movie will release in Japan on October 27th. No release date for U.S. and Europe, but it will be released by Sony Pictures.

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