Diablo 3 beta open for everyone this weekend

You read that right, Diablo 3 beta is open for everyone starting this afternoon Friday, April 20, until Monday, April 23rd 10 AM PDT. They are doing this as a stress test for when the game comes out, and to do so they are going to open up the Beta testing for everyone. This is one of the most highly anticipated games for Blizzard. I know I have been waiting for this since I beat Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction expansion pack and that was nearly 11 years ago. So if you are one of dozens of people who were not able to get a beta key for Diablo 3, now is your chance to give this game a try.

I like this move from Blizzard to give fans a taste of things to come. I have played many Mass Multiplayer Online game, MMO, and on the release date only a few people can join due to servers getting bombarded by new users. Hopefully, by doing this I will be able to play with my friends without having any server issues. Though I would not bet my life on a smooth transaction on release day. I say this only because there will be something that will thwart my gameplay, be it something minuscule or something large. So knock on wood that this weekend’s open beta will truly test the servers for release day.

So tell all your friends, families, neighbors, and a random stranger to get on battle.net this weekend and be a beta tester for the weekend. Also, if you are looking for an excuse to play Diablo 3 on the release date, I found a nifty website that can email out an excuse to either your boss or girlfriend. I don’t know why there is no option for the female gamer, but from looking at most of the girlfriend scenarios, it can be used for either gender. You can find the link below the source.

So one last reminder: LOG IN AND TEST THOSE SERVERS!!!!

SOURCE: Battle.net

LINK: SorryforMay15

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