4Kids will soon lose hold over the Yu-Gi-Oh! series

Following their recent bankruptcy, some papers filed to the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York on Tuesday has revealed some interesting insight. Famous North American anime distributor 4Kids is planning on selling all of their Yu-Gi-Oh! related assets to KidsCo Media Ventures LLC, a company that came out of no where. Without going into too much of the business world, this would mean that 4Kids is releasing the rights to all of their Yu-Gi-Oh! anime to whoever can pay for it. Now what does that say about the future of the show? It is hopeful that whoever that picks up the rights will be able and willing to finish the series as they were suppose to.

4Kids had fought to keep the license of the Yu-Gi-Oh! brand earlier this year against TV Tokyo, Nihon Ad Systems, and ADK after a lawsuit was filed against it and won. Now the sudden turnaround? There is no mention of the other shows. 4Kids currently also has rights for Sonic X, Taichi Chasers, and Dinosaur King.

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