SWTOR: Rakhgoul Event 150k+ credits per hour

The process is extremely simple and can be done by any character in any factions, as long as you have fleet access and can enter a flashpoint.

1. Become infected with the virus.
There will be people huddled in the revive area of your fleet waiting to blow so just chill a few minutes and surely enough, you will become infected with the virus. This will cause a lightheaded state.

2. This debuff lasts for 10 minutes and leads to the “Feverish” state. This is what we want.
Here are a few things you should know.

  • DO NOT enter any OPS/Flashpoints while you are lightheaded. It resets the soft timer to the Feverish state.
  • DO NOT DIE. Also resets the timer.
  • DO NOT log out normally, also resets the timer.

3. After ten minutes you should have entered the Feverish state. TIME TO BLOW UP!
Now you have two options: Either jump off the VIP cantina. Or enter a flashpoint and die to mobs (naked to prevent damage to armor).

4. There you have it. In about 10-15 minutes you have gained 5 Rakhgoul DNA Samples.
These are used for crystals, pets, and legacy items and sell for about 5-10k credits EACH.

Rinse and repeat as many times as you would like.

Go to Tatooine, get plague there from the Dune Sea, wait ten minutes or grind, get naked and die to mobs.

So in possibly 10 minutes you just made anywhere from 25 to 50k credits.


Below are the results of about 4 Hours of using this method.

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