Disney’s ElecTRONica End of Line

ElecTRONica has officially ended at Disney’s California Adventure park. What began as a TRON Legacy movie promotional event, ElecTRONica beat the odds and went from promotional to nightly, and finally a weekend only show. It opened back in October 2010 and offered guests a chance to let loose, dance, listen to music and even grab an alcoholic drink at one of the many stand-alone bar tops.

I got several chances to visit while ElecTRONica was going on. My girlfriend and I loved it. We are huge fans of the original and most recent, TRON Legacy films, the composers, Daft Punk, and anything that has to do with loud music, lights, and drinks. The best part about ElecTRONica is that it was at the happiest place on Earth, or next door I should say. So when we wanted to go lounge around the parks, this was always just a step away.

ElecTRONica, you will be missed. It is the End Of Line, but it is it? Rumored of a TRON Legacy ride for Disneyland – yes please!

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