Return to the original Silent Hill in Silent Hill HD Collection

Konami is not a stranger to HD Collections. A survival-horror game like Silent Hill couldn’t be contained in standard definition for long. The company released a wave of Silent Hill games, starting with Silent Hill Downpour and finishing with Book of Memories. While the new games were more than welcome, the one that really got fans talking was the HD ports of Silent Hill 2 & 3. What, no Silent Hill 1? Well, it’s already on the PSN.

Back in middle school I remember renting Silent Hill 1 at my local blockbuster. The game gave my the creeps and scared me thanks to the creepy soundtrack, weird noises, disturbing scenes and fog. I found myself loving the game. When Silent Hill 2 was announced, I had my parents buy the game on release date, since I couldn’t get it at the time because it was rated M. The game did a great job of keeping the same creepy atmosphere, along with 3. Anyone else remember the Clown House of Horror?

Silent Hill HD collection features both Silent Hill 2 & 3 with upgraded HD graphics. For Silent Hill 2, we get new voice acting with an option to select the original at any time (Silent Hill 3 only features the new voice acting).

The HD collection was pushed back from its original date because of some bugs. The problem is even after the extended time, the game is still was filled with bugs that included sudden and long freezing, sound problems and frame rate drops. It really kills some of the fun.

Silent Hill 2

Every Silent Hill game features new main characters. The one thing these games all have in common is the town known as Silent Hill. In Silent Hill 2 you control James Sunderland. He receives a letter from his wife who tells him she’ll be waiting for him in Silent Hill. The problem? She has been dead for some time now. He makes his way to Silent Hill to figure out if his dead wife really did send him the letter and to find her at any cost.

This is the director’s cut of the game that featured an extra scenario, “Born from a Wish”, which has the player control Maria, a character James meets in Silent Hill. Her story helps players understand a bit more about her.

Silent Hill 2 also has 6 different endings, and it all depends on the decisions and side quests you undertake.

Silent Hill 3

A true sequel to the first Silent Hill, Silent Hill 3 has you control Heather Mason, a daughter who is looking for her father. Heather is targeted by a cult and is taken to the other side. Along the way she find out about her past and why she is being targeted.


With 3 different endings and multiple unlockable outfits and weapons, it’ll give you an incentive to replay the game again, unless you’re scared.

The new voice acting in both games is debatable, and I am always one to prefer the original, but in Silent Hill 2 I found myself liking the new voice acting over the old one. Just like the original voice acting, the lip syncing was off.

The control and camera’s are everything you loved and hated in the originals, moving your characters sometime can be a pain in both games but after awhile you get used to it while it feels a bit tight at times, the camera can be your worst enemy not letting you see everything you need to, so sometimes running is your best option.

The games themselves are everything great that I could remember and are must plays if you love horror and psychological games. If it wasn’t for the bugs in both games, this would be an easy 9 out of 10. The games are worth playing over and over again, thanks to multiple endings including the UFO endings and unlockable items you get from completing the game. Now if Konami would only release Silent Hill 4: The Room, I would have all the games on my current gen consoles.

Let’s hope a patch will come out soon to fix the bugs.


Overall Score: 2.5 out of 5 atoms

NR 2_5 Atoms - C-

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