Nintendo Download: Ketzal’s Corridors, Death Cab For Cutie, and shojo-style dress up?

I don’t think you could come up with a stranger mix than this. First off, we have a Star Fox-like action-puzzle game called “Ketzal’s Corridors“, which just debuted today (3DS eShop). Players will have to quickly understand the structure of the shape they currently have, then manipulate it to make it fit through holes, and/or force it into different positions before it drops through a hole. Confusing? Then you might want to check out the trailer for that, below. My words can take you to wonderful places of Beatles-infused imagination, but sometimes a video helps to explain things.

Death Cab For Cutie has a song that came out earlier this year, “Underneath the Sycamore”. While you can just watch it below in 2D, and for some of you that would suffice, but for me, I’ll be heading over to the 3DS eShop to experience it in 3D. Awww yeah.


Did I happen to mention that there’s some shojo-style dress up in this week’s Nintendo download? Oh yes. For those of you who consume everything that’s pink and cute, this is where you should be paying attention. Anne’s Doll Studio: Tokyo Collection is a simulation that allows you to play dress up with shojo manga-style females, applying jackets and shoes, hair accessories, and a wardrobe of clothes til’ your heart’s content. After that, what else would you do? Splash a dash of glittery madness until your doll can’t even be seen. Well, at least that’s what I would do. Then you can trade pictures you’ve created with friends or use them as your avatar on your favorite social network. It’s available on the 3DS eShop and also as DSiWare.

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