Resident Evil 6 has $1300 premium edition, is 30 hours long

Are you ready to deck yourself out in what could be the most coveted of all video game fashion accessories (oh, sorry, did I just ruin it for you?)? Leon S. Kennedy is the kind of guy who can save the world and woo the president’s daughter, all in a day’s worth of work. If you’re going to have any chance of emulating that kind of success, I’d suggest you start with the leather jacket.

We presume it will look like the one pictured above. Yes, this jacket can be yours for the low, low price of $1300. You’ll be getting the game too, of course–and four phone cases! Unfortunately, this premium edition has only been announced for Japan, so if you’re keen on buying it, I suggest you start learning how to import right now.

In other Resident Evil 6 news, the game is supposedly going to be around 30 hours long. Capcom has cut the game into three slices, with each protagonist getting a third of the pie. Players can actually choose which piece they’d like to eat first, and if one piece is all it takes to get them full, they can actually stop right there. It seems like a great option which will allow gamers to play as much as they’re able to and still feel like they’ve accomplished something. The number came directly from the mouth of the game director, Eiichiro Sasaki, so you can send all of your length and jacket inquiries to him. Thanks.

Resident Evil 6 has a newly revealed release date of October 2nd, and it’s scheduled to be released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Via: VG247, and again
Sources: Mark MacDonald, NOW Gamer

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