Namco-Bandai officially announces Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition


You begged. You pleaded. You even went so far as to create an internet petition demanding it. Well, your voices have finally been heard. Namco-Bandai officially announced earlier today at a press conference in Las Vegas that the PC version of Dark Souls is coming.

Originally not even on the company’s radar, fans of the hardcore RPG experience (and our own choice for Best RPG of the Year back at our Nerd Reactor awards) are getting their wish at last. The Prepare to Die edition will have all of the features the console version currently enjoys, whilst including new areas to explore, and new monsters to fight, including the Dark Knight Artorias, one of the few people to traverse the Abyss and live to tell the tale. Release date is set for August 24 in both digital and disc-based formats at select retailers.

While eager PC fans prepare for their eventual demise, the announcement trailer should be able to quench your thirst for adventure and give you a good idea of what you will be going up against.



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