Nintendo Download: Exclusive interview with Warren Spector, 3D paint program

In addition to the usual downloadable games, The latest Nintendo update has an exclusive interview with Warren Spector. He’s promoting his new work, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of 2, whose new trailer can be seen on its official page. As for the interview, you’ll have to head over to Nintendo’s eShop to see it.

Nintendo has yet another exclusive this week, this one being a brand new music video, “The Rifle’s Spiral”, by The Shins. It was directed by Jamie Caliri, and it uses some stunning stop-motion animation. The video will be available tomorrow, April 6th. The song is off of The Shins’ new album, Port of Morrow.

Check out the latest downloadable games:

Colors! 3D (3DS eShop): What makes this paint application stand out is the fact that you can create multiple layers for a 3D effect on your 3DS. There’s also a cool feature that allows you to watch a replay of what you painted.

Penguin Patrol (3DS eshop/DSiWare): You take control of an Eskimo who must rescue penguins in this cute push-block puzzle game. You can view the trailer, here.

TNT Racers (Wiiware): It’s a top-down racing game with online multiplayer. The top-down racing genre was quite popular a long while ago when games like R.C. Pro-Am and Rock n’ Roll Racing were out, but given the mediocre reviews of TNT Racers, I don’t think it’s ready for a comeback quite yet.

Source: Nintendo

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