‘Confrontation’, the tactical rpg, launches tomorrow, trailer today

Cyanide Studio, the same team behind the soon-to-be released Game of Thrones rpg, is about to launch their latest effort, Confrontation. It is a tactical rpg that gives players four heroes whose unique strengths must be coordinated in order to conquer the battles that lie before them. In addition to leveling up stats and skills, there will be times when players must makes certain choices, such as increasing the attack power of the group, or of one particular hero. It seems as though players will be given access to more heroes as the game progresses, thus allowing them to better customize their own strategies.

As stated in the header, Confrontation will be available tomorrow at retail and via various digital stores. Amazon currently has the game set at $35.99 for pre-order. If you’d like to know what we think of the game, check back in a few days when our review hits the web. For now, though, simply kick back and enjoy the launch trailer:

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