Draw 6 billion of something

If you thought those Angry Birds were something, you haven’t seen anything yet. Draw Something has only been out a mere 50 days, and yet it has already amassed more than 50 million downloads. That makes it the “fastest-growing original mobile game of all time.” All 50 million of you have contributed a total of 6 billion drawings to the infinitely massive bucket of finger scrawls. I’m sure the developer, OMGPOP, and their new owner, Zynga, are plenty happy with those results.

According to Venture Beat, the most popular words used are: starfish, pregnant, hangman, six pack, and boom box. The least used word is latrine.

I myself just recently tried playing the game, and only having it in my hands for a few minutes, I was starting to get addicted. It was on my sister’s phone, and she and her boyfriend were snickering as I became easily ensnared in Draw Something’s web. Have any of you drawn something?

Via: VG247
Source: Venture Beat

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