Boba Fett dances to YMCA and Han Solo dances to Bruno Mars

Yesterday, we posted a video featuring Han Solo dancing to a song inspired by Jason Derulo’s “Ridin’ Solo” called “Han Solo”. Last night we went to the launch event for Kinect Star Wars (thanks to the South Coast Plaza Microsoft Store for helping us out) and are able to post new videos for your pleasure…or pain.

We have a back-to-back special to make you question your beloved Star Wars franchise – Boba Fett and Stormtroopers dancing to a song inspired by The Village People’s “YMCA” and Han Solo and Lando Calrissian dancing to a song inspired by Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are”.

Is watching Boba Fett and Han Solo bustin’ a move on the dance floor worse than Jar Jar Binks? Yes, I’d like to think so.

Source: NerdReactor

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