Microsoft, Apple, and Google to join forces in unified mobile OS

The big 3 in mobile OS computing has just announced on this April 1, 2012, that they will be joining forces and creating a unified mobile OS. It is yet to be determined which manufacturer will produce this phone, but it was universally agreed that this phone will closely resemble the Zach Morris Phone.

The result of this joint effort will be a mobile OS with the widget power of Google Android, the hipster vibe of Apple iOS, and the underdog potential of Windows Mango. The name of this OS will be a combination of the big 3 combined:

 MicrApGoo OS.

Google seems to name their mobile OS’s out of dessert, Apple seems to name them out of cats, and everyone seems to have a “WTF” reaction from Microsoft’s latest naming scheme. These hints are enough to predict that the first version of My Crap Goo, oops MicrApGoo OS, will be Nyan Nyan Cat.

The lines for this new phone have already started outside of Apple Stores alongside iPad lines. Why Apple Stores and not Microsoft Stores, you ask? Us, that hold regular jobs, just want one unified place to laugh at all the people standing in line, and our lunches are only 30 minutes long.


SOURCE: My recently arrived YouTube DVD

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