LG Optimus 3D – Breaking boundaries and the future of mobile gaming

LG Optimus 3D – Breaking boundaries and possibly mobile gaming

SEGA Toylet: Take a pee, have some fun, play a game

SEGA Toylet: Take a pee, have some fun, play a game

The Hulk may get his own movie in 2015

One of the more controversial subjects for The Avengers was the departing of Edward Norton as Bruce Banner. Many felt that Norton did a fantastic job in The Incredible Hulk

Avengers’ Dark Knight Rises trailer shows the Batwing in action!

The new Dark Knight Rises trailer that is scheduled to be attached to The Avengers has been released. Earlier today, fans around the world scoured the globe looking for clues

God of War: Ascension to take place during Kratos’ servitude

You’re probably thinking how Santa Monica Studio can possibly do another God of War game after the events of God of War 3. Since Kratos has killed most of the

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed coming in 2012

Sonic and his pals from Sega are back in an all-new racing game, but this time you won’t need to switch vehicles. In Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, you will

NR Contest: T-shirts for your nerdy pickup lines

Artwork by SamuraiPaul What’s up my fellow Nerdzillians. Like the nickname? Yeah, we thought it was catchy. Here’s something I know you’ll really like…FREE t-shirts! I knew that would get

The most spoilerific Prometheus trailer yet

Here’s the new international trailer for Prometheus from director Ridley Scott (Alien, Gladiator). In this trailer, we get to see more of Charlize Theron. Something about her character seems off,

Giveaway: Riot Nasus Skin Code

Like League of Legends? We’re giving away two Riot Nasus Skin Codes on our stream ( tomorrow night (4/28) starting at 8pm PST. What’s League of Legends you say? It’s

Make sure you get the right Batman for your kid’s party

Hiring your kid’s favorite superhero to show up to his/her party is a popular thing amongst kids party nowadays. The important thing when choosing a superhero is to know which

The CosCast Episode 23: Anime Expo 2012 vs. X-Games

Joins us for another episode of The CosCast: The Cosplayers’ Podcast. In this episode, we talk about a whole bunch of local SoCal costuming projects that we are supporting, as

Jay-Z plans to launch ‘Empire’ Facebook game

Hova himself has done many things in his time; rap legend, media mogul, clothing line, NBA team owner. Now to add to this illustrious career, Jay-Z plans on releasing a

All-new Stan Lee documentary tonight on EPIX Channel

Hey true believers, just wanted to remind you guys to tune in to EPIX tonight at 8pm for Stan Lee’s documentary called “With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story”. The

Playstation All-Star Battle Royale announced

  It has been nearly 13 years since Super Smash Bros. made its debut in the video game world. To be precise it was exactly 13 years to the date

Crytek says used video game sales are weird

Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles have been rumored to include a technological feature that would block gamers from playing used games. Some are saying that it won’t happen, while others

‘Reset’ joins Dead Island in the trailers-that-wow-people category

In general, I’m not a fan of teaser trailers. They (usually) don’t show any gameplay, and thus may get me interested and invested in something I may not ultimately like.

New user-friendly Portal 2 level editor teleports to PC, Mac May 8th

Are you a bit puzzled about this news? You might be if you had already been using Valve’s first level editor offering for Portal 2, the “Authoring Tools“. Valve got

Cars Land is in; Epcot’s Test Track is out!

Cars Land is in; Epcot’s Test Track is out!

Nintendo download, April 26th: Super Street Fighter 2 Genesis version online

Whoa, did you just read that right? I’m not sure that even I read that right, but according to Nintendo, Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers has not only

Mark Millar is flattered by Joss Whedon’s The Avengers

With The Avengers almost coming out to theaters here in the U.S., Mark Millar, co-creator of Marvel’s The Ultimates, chimes in on his thoughts on Joss Whedon’s The Avengers being