Blu-ray Review: The Muppets – The Wocka Wocka Value Pack

As a fan of The Muppets growing up, I had lots of hope and expectations for this film – especially with Jason Segel co-writing. Luckily, this movie did bring me back in a good way. It had the hilarious puns and randomness that I fell in love with as a kid.

The great thing about this movie was that it wasn’t like The Muppets Movie or The Muppets Take Manhattan. This movie tells the story of Walter – a muppet – trying to find himself and finds comfort with the “Muppets” – along with his twin human brother Gary. The two, along with Gary’s wife, take a trip to Los Angeles and try to save the run down Muppets Studio by getting the old gang back together.

The songs are well written and funny, and the musical numbers were fun to watch. This film really made me reminisced my childhood and I really enjoyed it.

Video Quality: A
The video quality was extremely clear. The musical number to the destruction of Gonzo’s business was dazzling. It’s pretty detailed to the point where I could see what materials the muppets were made out of. Overall it was a superb transfer.

Audio Quality: A
I turned my surround sound and it was really excellent quality. This is a musical, so I expected the music to be the best and it was. The sound effects of Animal’s crazy drums and Walter’s hidden talent were so clear that it forced me to truly focus on it. The sound quality was great and yes, I did sing along.

Extras: A
This Wonka Wonka Value Pack has so many extras. This is for the die-hard fans and for the kid in you.

There is “Scratching the Surface: A Hasty Examination of the Making of the Muppets” which really shows Muppetmania. It’s not really about the current film, but it is still interesting to watch as a fan.

There are some deleted scenes that explain things some more, but nothing major. The Parody spoof trailers are fun to watch as well. There are a bunch of extras – more than I expected, but I’m really glad to see them in the pack.

My favorite extra is “Explaining Evil: The Full Tex Richman Song”. I mean, come on, you get to see Academy Award winner Chris Cooper rapping.

Final Reaction: A
This is total childhood nostalgia for me. The quality of film and music editing has improved greatly, and I believe Jim Henson would have been proud of this film. Overall, this is a nice package with wonderful audio and video. Every fan should purchase this film because… Mah-na Mah-na.

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