Max Payne 3’s multiplayer has bullet-time and other ‘Burst’ powers

If you thought Max Payne 3 would be tacking multiplayer on just to attract the crowds who like it, you’re possibly wrong. I can’t say that without a doubt that it’s going to turn out great, but as of right now, Max Payne 3 looks to have a multiplayer component that is on par with some of the best games out there.

Through the video below, you can see how bullet-time works in it. Essentially, when it’s activated, anyone who’s within sight of the person who activated it (or perhaps distance) will be a part of the bullet-time. Even though everyone is affected by it, it seems as though the person who activates it will still get an edge from it because they know when it’s going to happen. It can also be used when other players are facing a different direction or running away, for that perfect shot that takes them down. They are calling the bullet-time a “Burst” power, and that there are others that will be revealed later.

One thing I noticed while watching the video is that it appears that players can level up their bullet-time (probably just increasing the maximum amount you have). My guess is that this is a temporary boost for the current match and won’t carry over, thus giving players an incentive to do well in every match.

Multiplayer modes

The video details a few of the modes of Max Payne 3, and it seems to take a cue from the Killzone series for its primary mode, “Gang Wars”.

Gang Wars: It’s said to be similar to a story mode in that the objectives will feel like things that a gang would do (so, rather than capturing a flag, maybe it’ll be some illicit mind-altering substances). The next objective will be determined by the winner of the current objective. That is, the objective will change automatically during a Gang Wars match, keeping the action constantly flowing. Uncharted 3 adopted a similar mode that it calls “Team Objective”.

Painkiller mode: Two lucky (unlucky?) players will take control of Max Payne and Raul Pasos who are both equipped with an arsenal of guns and painkillers. The other players’ job? Kill them both. It should make for some intense matches with players trying to flank the two heroes. Anyone who kills either hero will become that hero.

Max Payne 3 is scheduled for a May 15th release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The special edition of the game can only be pre-ordered up until April 2nd. Check out the video below.

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