Mass Effect anime Paragon Lost to star James Vega

If you love the Mass Effect universe and anime, then you might be interested in checking out the upcoming Mass Effect anime, Paragon Lost. The story revolves around James Vega as he and his squad must defend a colony against The Collectors, aliens that have been turned by The Reapers to collect humans. Vega talks about his history for a bit in the Mass Effect 3 game.

James Vega is my least favorite character in Mass Effect 3. I would prefer for us to have a story following Ashley, Tali, Liara, or Garrus. Hell, I’ll even take Cortez.

Here’s a trailer featuring character and background art. So far I’m liking the style, and we get to see how the different alien races look like in anime form.

Anime distributor Funimation and animation studio T.O. Entertainment are producing the film. It will be released in summer 2012.

Source: ANN

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