Free-to-play: Axe some trolls, grab some gold in ‘Dungeon Blitz’

There’s always one guaranteed way to fix your boredom while you’re at work or school: free-to-play games! Dungeon Blitz is a simple side-scrolling hack n’ slash dungeon crawler with a not-so-simple genre description. I myself made a dark-skinned warrior who hails from the land of…Beluz, a mysterious land whose name I just happened to come up with right now. He’s a man with a past, his name is JazzQuake (awesome, I know), and he has plenty of troll-smashing ability.

Go with a normal warrior or jazz them up. Your call.

Dungeon Blitz starts you off with an attack, a long-range attack, and two special abilities (more can be gained, and up to four can be equipped at a time). You can even play online with friends or complete strangers (who are also totally avoiding productivity). You can chat and also can perform animations just like in MMOs (dance etc.). The customization options given are pretty cool too.

Click on this link to start blitzing some dungeons.

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