Phantasy Star Online 2 to be Free to Play


Sega was able to share some more details earlier today regarding their upcoming sequel to their hit MMO title, Phantasy Star Online 2. The real kicker came when they announced a pricing point; contrary to previous games, the company revealed that PSO2 will be Free to Play, and that Sega will have an item transaction system in place.

It seems that Sega is starting to embrace the new direction MMO titles have gone in, opting with the F2P model rather than a normal subscription based one. It should definitely help spark interest in the game at the very least. Hell, it’s even got me thinking about giving it at shot.

Information was also revealed that the game would be coming to a third platform, along with the PC and Vita versions, that being iOS and Android devices. The smartphone release will be a simplified version of the original game, with easier controls and character creation to make up for the smaller device. While this version will share data, cross play will not be possible between the other platforms.

PSO2 is set to be released in the summer for the PC, with the smartphone version coming in the winter. The Vita version is due out in spring of 2013. Meanwhile, the game itself is set to go into closed beta in late April, and will be taking in up to 100,000 participants.


Source: Andriasang

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