Comic Book Men Season Finale Recap

In this episode, the guys of the Secret Stash make a pact to all get tattooed in order to force Walter into fulfilling an old promise. Plus, Nerd Reactor‘s Mike and Narvin talk about their adventures at this year’s WonderCon, and Mike gives another heart shattering story of the lost comic book collection.

And here’s our exclusive with Comic Book Men’s very own Ming Chen about what it was like working on the show with the other guys.

“If you stop into the store on any day you can usually find the 4 of us
debating some meaningless pop culture or comic book topic. It’s pretty
much what we do with or without cameras. Not an hour ago, Mike and I were
having an argument about Archie. Mike was wondering how Archie was always
surrounded by beautiful women while having below-average looks. I
countered with the argument that on the streets of Red Bank you see it all
the time. It all has to do with personality and the ability to get the
ladies to laugh. Walt mumbled under his breath that those dudes probably
had a ton of money. It’s those kind of stupid throwaway arguments that not
only made shooting fun, but tell a lot about a guy.”

Comic Book Men
Season: 1
Episode: 6
Channel: AMC
Air: Sundays
Time: 10p/9c
Runtime: 60 minutes
Starring: Walter Flanagan, Mitch Zapcic, Bryan Johnson, Ming Chen and Kevin Smith
Synopsis: An unscripted series set in Smith’s iconic comic shop Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash and captures the world of the neighborhood comic book store and fanboy culture.

Hosted by Mike Villarreal and Narvin Seegoolam.

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