Tribes: Ascend updated, two CTF maps added


Hi-Rez has updated Tribes: Ascend, still in its open beta phase, with another big patch. Of particular notice is the addition of two CTF maps; Sunstar, a completely new map, and Temple Ruins, which was placed back into rotation after being removed for modifications.

Sunstar, while having a lot of open space and towers for classes to snipe/mortor spam from, has the flag stand blocked by barricades on the front and back, making flag captures a bit more of a tricky endeavor. These barriers are also powered by the generator, however, and with a second gen room entrance located a good distance away, defending it as well as the flag should bring a decent challenge. Temple Ruins, meanwhile, was removed for renovations because of complaints about the structure, and those criticisms seem to have helped. The turrets are now placed around the perimeter of the main structure, rather than right on top of the flag stand, while the generator now sits on the floor of its room, rather than on top of a pedestal. While this could make the generator a bit easier to defend (as well as to attack), it also makes the flag easier to grab, hopefully resulting in less turtle matches. You can see a few extra screenshots of the new maps at the bottom of the article.

A couple of weapon balances have also been put in place. Let’s just say Pathfinders are going to be doing some crying, while heavy players in general are probably doing some cheering. Other items include convenience additions, like showing how many people are playing a specific class when entering a match, and some UI improvements. The rest is largely bug fixes, such as fixing the dry-fire bug that occasionally occurred (FINALLY), as well as a counter measure to help cut down on hacking Sentinel players.

Of course, Hi-Rez didn’t plan to leave players without something to look forward to for the upcoming release. A new image at the main menu screen replaces the dueling tribesmen with a teaser for some upcoming new Infiltrator items. Your guess is as good as mine as to what these new items could be. Here’s hoping for a new secondary option, though.



You can get a better look at the full patch notes on the official website. The game is set to see its full release April 12. Get ready to push those filthy Sandrakers off our world!


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