Notch, Bethesda, and more to play TF2 for charity


Like to play TF2? Like to donate to charities? Well now you have a chance to do both!

TF2 Mix-Up has started a promotion for their next upcoming Mix-Up match, however, this occasion is definitely special. The players taking part will all be doing this one for charity, and those who donate also have a chance to get in on the action. The organizers will randomly choose three different people, and if your name gets picked, you could be playing TF2 with some high profiles in the gaming industry (and get some signed swag as well).

For those not in the know, these Mix-Ups are friendly skirmishes that tend to involve various figures in internet culture, as well as iconic profiles in the gaming industry. Previous matches have showcased not only Team Fortress creator Robin Walker, but numerous other names, such as Youtube filmmaker Freddie Wong, the Yogscast crew, as well as various pro TF2 players. The roster for this occasion is especially big. Not only is Robin Walker making another appearance, Notch and Bethesda (who have recently settled the whole Scrolls naming issue) will also be taking part.

So if you want a chance to play a bit of TF2 with some damn fine people, go ahead and pop down to the TF2 Mix-Up site and send a few dollars their way. You just might get your wish, and help a good cause at the same time.

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