Max Payne 3 to provide a more realistic and tense experience – trailer

Shenmue and the God of War series made quick-time events a well-known gameplay element. However, soon after, gamers were already getting a bit bored of them, and yet they still exist today–quick-time events, that is. Though I would completely understand if you misconstrued that to mean that gamers still exist today despite playing through boring quick-time events.

This new Max Payne 3 trailer titled, “Visual Effects and Cinematics”, left me fairly impressed. Why? The in-game cutscenes so smoothly transition to gameplay that it’s barely noticeable. What this means to us players is that we will be kept on our toes, anxiously preparing our trigger fingers to nix the bad guys. All of the anticipation and excitement can be retained without the need for immersion-destroying quickly timed button presses that often only lead to irritation and frustration.

Max Payne 3 will be released on May 18th for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Via: VG247
Source: Machinima

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