Review: Cideko Conqueror Air Keyboard

The Cideko Conqueror is an air mouse, keyboard, and dual analog gamepad for both the PS3 and PC interface. Combining both the practical use of a text-gamer application and PC keyboard function, with included rechargeable battery pack and USB dongle compartment for added storage convenience, this product is an all around great device.


Packaged with the retail box is a micro CD software disc. Included are the drivers and custom key mapping software for PC users only. For PS3 users, simply plug and play. However for the PC user, adjusting the default functions of certain keys may be required for different games. Assigned keys on the keyboard that are programmable through the software make this an easy effort for recognizing up to 4 different types of game key functions saved. With a touch of a button users can jump from different games without having to mess with customization every time.


The Cideko Conqueror is made with a micro keyboard layout designed for the PC, including F-keys, and a Windows key. Surprisingly the feel of the controller is quite nice. From a top view it would appear to be an uncomfortable cluster, but lurking on the underside is ergonomic contours that relax the handling for enjoyable game play. The dual analog sticks, d-pad, and L1/2-R1/2 buttons all are comfortably placed. For PC users there are designated left and right click buttons for ease of the air mouse.  A compartment located on the bottom end of the controller is where the USB wireless dongle can be stored when not in use or when transporting.


We tested this both on the PS3, and PC. Again with the PS3 this device is simply a plug and play. You shouldn’t be looking at this product if you expect it to be a substitute for the PS3’s O.E.M controller with its ergonomic and small feel. If you are one who enjoys having the keyboard functionality with your PS3, whether it is for gaming or for online browsing, the Cideko Conqueror is a perfect companion to have. While the PS3 had no problem, the PC had minor bumps on the road that were easily surpassed by the software included. We used Battlefield 3 and Rage for our gameplay testing. Rage had little problems recognizing the device. Minor adjustments were made with controller functions, but our thoughts were because of Rage already packaged with software designed to use a gamepad, the transition was a bit more peaceful. Battlefield 3 however, fell flat on its face. Now this is not a downfall for the Cideko Conqueror. For all intensive purposes this is a triumph. Let us explain. With the key mapping software, we were able to test every advantage, in this case disadvantage, of how a game could be played. Battlefield 3 for the PC was just not made for a game pad, more so for a joystick. The final test came with use of this simply as a mouse and keyboard for the PC. Unfortunately there just is not a substitute for what the market has to offer with regards to a keyboard and mouse. If for any other reason but simply in use for an HTPC (home theater pc), we wouldn’t recommend the mouse and keyboard function as replacement for preexisting devices.


The Cideko Conqueror Air Keyboard is a fantastic device. With everything we put it through, it managed to do what it’s named after – conquer. It is packaged to do almost everything and it nearly does, but unless you have a specific use for some of the functions, you won’t need it for much more than the keyboard and easy to use PS3 /PC gamepad. Priced at around $100 online, this awesome triple threat is worth every penny.

Grade: A

For all you tech heads:

  • Frequency Range: 2403MHz ~ 2475MHz
  • Battery Life: Up to 20 hrs of continous use
  • Charging Time: 3-4 hours
  • USB Interface: Mini-USB
  • Effective Range: Up to 30 feet (10m)
  • Dimensions: 149 x 126 x 47mm
  • Weight: 1
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