Jack Bauer takes a vacation – 24 movie put on hold

Well it looks like all you 24 fans out there that were waiting for a 24 movie will just have to wait longer. 20th Century Fox has stated that they are not going forward with the movie this year. Originally, shooting for the film was to start close to the end of March, after Kiefer Sutherland’s current show, Touch, takes a break in April. There are a few rumors swirling around as to the cause of the delay. One being budget, another being if Sutherland would be capable of and have time to film a full feature film during a TV show break.

The film is being produced by both Sutherland and Imagine Entertainment’s Brian Grazer. There is also a finished script that was written by Billy Ray and revised by Mark Bomback. It seems that everything is set and ready for a 24 trilogy (yes, a trilogy), but no one can get things rolling. I was really hoping that the movie would get made already, as the series has been quite good. Who knows how long it might be until this project sees the light of day. Not even Jack Bauer himself can speed this up.

Source: Deadline

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