DiRT Showdown is about cars smashing each other, I think

Judging solely by this latest trailer, I think we can safely assume that there will never (ever) be a lack of car-smashing in DiRT Showdown. I’m kind of glad that they’ve decided to make a whole game on this one element though, because the demolition derby races were one of my favorite parts of one of Codemasters’ other games, GRID. Fortunately, those who really enjoyed the demolition derby mode will now have more than two tracks to wreck each other on–some people don’t understand that the objective is to race, but that’s okay.

DiRT Showdown will be available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in May 2012.

Get your vehicular destruction fix in the DiRT Showdown trailer below:

Source: MrAuthenticReplica
Via: VG247

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