Is Blizzard Really Getting This Desperate?

A recent announcement by Blizzard has the World of Warcraft community in an uproar pertaining to a certain bonus of the new Scroll of Resurrection.

Originally the Scroll of Resurrection was Blizzards welcome back tool that gave the player that re-invited another player a free month of game time along with the relapsing addict. The new system shows just how desperate Blizzard has gotten in retrieving their diminishing community.

The newly updated scroll gives returning players some serious bonuses that are more than just cosmetic.

  1. A full week of gameplay with all features enabled.
  2. Free upgrade to Cataclysm (The current latest expansion).
  3. A free faction/server change to the player than invited them back.
  4. Exclusive astral flying mount for the recruiting player.

In case you aren’t aware, that last one is quite a big deal. While it seems like a great idea to encourage returning players, it has angered the community that Blizzard would let somebody bypass 80 levels of gameplay which build character recognition, skill, teamwork, and feature awareness.

Is this really a good move for Blizzard, or will this ploy flop and further decrease the population of loyal gamers that have stuck with the game through thick and thin? Well it is certainly tempting for me to get back into WOW, and nothing that has been announced recently has done so. All in all this could potentially bring back a good chunk of the population but will undoubtedly bring back many gold farmers and flood the market with cheap goods. Although the scroll may seem like a blessing that should replenish server population, it can also be a curse that will further destabilize a delicate balance within a game that will soon seem similar to a Dreamworks cartoon (Panda reference).

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