First in-game screenshots of ‘Angry Birds Space’ – our impressions

Based on these first screenshots of Angry Birds Space, it appears that Rovio knows exactly how to capitalize on their mega-hit franchise. They’ve already expanded the original via numerous free updates, and thankfully there seem to be a lot of new gameplay mechanics in this latest iteration to keep their legion of followers interested.

In the above pic, you can see that there will be masses of land, each sometimes having their own gravitational pull that can be used to manipulate the trajectory of your angry birds.

This shot shows what appears to be a bird that explodes upon command. My guess is that its explosions destroy asteroids and causes small chunks of debris to blast towards those devious pigs, popping their space helmets.

It’s not completely clear what is happening here, but it appears that this bird–which seems to be based off of the original yellow bird–can fly wherever the user aims it. Another, albeit presumably less accurate, guess is that this bird flies perpendicular of its original trajectory once it is activated in flight.

Lastly, the most puzzling picture thus far. This bird seems to be able to turn things to crystal or ice. Either way, it may make the masses of blocks it touches more susceptible to being broken. Another guess is that the blocks it touches will become lighter, more susceptible to being moved (by explosions etc.). One final thought, the masses of blocks that have become ice/crystal are joined together and are able to be moved.

Well, what do you guys think? Are my guesses pretty accurate, or do you have your own ideas about how these new birds work?

Angry Birds Space will be available on PC, Mac, Android and iOS on March 22nd.

Below you’ll find a video of a NASA astronaut promoting Angry Birds Space while in space:

Source: Mashable

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