Metacritic users bash the hell out of Mass Effect 3

Critics seem to have fallen over themselves to give Mass Effect 3 glowing reviews, but on the consumer side, something strange is brewing. Remember when the Metacritic users reigned hell on Modern Warfare 3? If you were just checking out the site by itself, it would seem like the whole world did not like the game. Even with all the bad user reviews, Modern Warfare 3 still came out on top and became a mega blockbuster.

With the release of Mass Effect 3 today, it has been receiving great reviews from critics. The Metacritic users have taken it upon themselves to let the world know that the last Mass Effect game of the trilogy is one of the worst games out there. The PC version is getting over 300 negative user reviews, while there are only a little over 90 positive user reviews. The Xbox 360 version is getting over 220 negative user reviews and 160 positive reviews.

Here’s a review from Metacritic user Kode01:

This game is so horrible that I’m almost speechless. I literally made an account on this site just to find somewhere to vent about this. The writing is awful, the character designs are even worse, and the fact that none of your choices even matter in the end is the final slap in the face. Stay far away from this game if you can, don’t show Bio **** that its okay to serve a steaming pile in front of you.

From user elgringo:

What is this game? You tell my I paid money in Mass Effect 2 to get the Lair of the Shadow Borker DLC and Liara doesn’t even recognize me when I talk to her? “We haven’t seen years Shepard.” Seriously? I talked to her on Illium and romanced her in Mass Effect 2. Yet game status: No romances. Good job Bioware, you cannot even make your own saves work. 0/10

Here’s one from a “gay” user:

As a homosexual male, it is painful watching bioware act like they are champions of the gay community. Their insulting representations of gay individuals are merely an attempt to politicize their business, so they can look progressive while deflecting real criticism as homophobic, just because some homophobes exist. Their behavior is a mockery of homosexuals everywhere and I would urge any homosexuals interested in activism not to be deceived by these insensitive people.


A horrible game. Modern Warfare 3 looks revolutionary in comparison (And that is saying a lot!). If you like choppy animations, day one DLC and you have a niche for virtual gay relationships, buy this piece of trash. If you’re a respectable human being, save your money and wait for Max Payne or some other game that doesn’t force politics down your throat.


This is the most overrated game i have ever played next to batman arkham city,it’s so boring especially when shooting.the missions play and fell the same also!!!

Whether you think the users are letting us know how the game really is or they are just trolling, it makes for a very fun read. As for me, I can’t wait to play the game.

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