Dozens of (great) free games: Pokki 1UP Game Developer Contest

Pokki is the latest game service that wants to sneak onto your task bar so that you might just not be able to resist the urge to click it and buy some new games–and is that such a bad thing? For now though, there are a lot of free games to be had. These free games were created by contestants for the “Pokki 1UP Game Developer Contest”. The developer who placed at number one is Nicklaus Liow, a man who created an interesting little puzzle game called “4 Horsemen“. Apparently, it had users blowing through hours like no other, all the way up to the contest’s end. I’ve played it myself and can attest to its ability to give you Las Vegas-time syndrome. Nicklaus won a hefty $30,000 for his efforts.

Evgeni Gordejev won 2nd place with a physics-based puzzle game, “Tupsu”. He took home $13,000. Taking 3rd place was developer Lost Decade Games for their work on “Onslaught! Arena“, which reminds me a bit of Final Fantasy Adventure that was released by SquareSoft on the original Gameboy.

All three of the winners, along with ten other notable mentions, can be downloaded for free at Pokki.

In addition to those, there are even more free games–like Galaxy Life, developed by Digital Chocolate–at the main Pokki website.

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