Free to play: Mario discovers a Portal gun = ‘Mari0’

The PC is the game system that keeps on giving (Well, okay, Mac is in on this one too). What do we have today, dear readers? Why, it’s a re-creation of the original Super Mario Bros. NES game with the inclusion of a Portal gun! In addition, there’s a level editor, and players will be able to edit in real time. With 33 hats, four-player co-op, game modifiers, free DLC, and boat-loads of magic, you shouldn’t even think of not downloading this magnificent piece of software.

Head on over to Stabyourself (That’s the name of the website. It is not an indication of the ramifications of visiting said website.) to download Mari0

Linux, Mac and PC are the supported systems. If you’re having any trouble installing the game, check out the Stabyourself forums.

Via: Destructoid

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