Facebook real-time analytics, advertising tools, & timeline layout for all pages

Facebook beefed up their revenue generating monster machine a little more with their new real-time analytics platform embedded in Pages Insights,. Also announced yesterday was the future of online marketability with Facebook Pages, Reach Generator, and Premium on Facebook initiatives that are designed to drive business results.

Facebook Pages will allow businesses or brands to revamp their current pages for better connectivity with fan bases. The new look is nothing short of what individual users see with the Timeline function enabled. The new Facebook Pages can be rolled out manually by the Page owner or it will be done so automatically on March 30th.

Reach Generator is said to build a better connection between businesses and brands and their fans. It will guarantee that your brand will reach 75% of your fans each month and 50% each week. Fans will see a message as “sponsored” on the right-hand side of individual homepages or in their news feed ticker apps on desktops or mobile platforms.

Facebook Premium is a more advanced influential, and engaging tool for reaching out to fans. With the ability to stream directly onto fans news feeds, desktop/mobile tickers, and right-hand side notification windows, this is the lead revenue generator. If a user is not a fan of your business or brand, Premium will sponsor your ad on said individuals homepage. As for fans, Premium will sponsor your stories on every facet of outreach availability.

If you are a business owner or brand marketer and have yet to use Facebook – man oh man – you need to start now! I don’t like the new Facebook Pages look but we don’t have a choice. With Facebook filing for an IPO of at least $5 billion in February, we will soon see the last stand of private influence and more of the hand of the cooperate entities we all love and hate.

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