NBC’s Awake will have Jason Isaacs leading double lives

There’s a new NBC show coming to town called Awake, and it stars Harry Potter’s Jason Isaacs as a detective living dual lives. As Detective Michael Britten, he was involved

Fast & Furious – What a disaster plot

Fast & Furious – What a disaster plot –

The CosCast Episode 13 – The Cosplayers’ Podcast

Here’s episode 13 of The Coscast, the cosplayers’ podcast. Join your hosts, Joey Rassool, Matthew Lewis, and Tara Strand, as they talk about the world of cosplay and props. The

You’ve heard the Mario theme played by a piano, but what about tap dancing?

There are a lot of Mario theme piano performances all over the net. Of all those performances, I bet you they don’t have tap dancing. Enter Alex, the tap dancing

ESA loses over $1 million, some of it due to lobbying SOPA/PIPA

Remember when ESA was poking fun of California for spending money on a bill to try to ban violent video game sales to kids? Since California lost a lot of

Zelda violin girl now does The Lord of the Rings

Lindsay Sterling, a girl after my own heart and known for her Legend of Zelda violin medley, has done another geek medley, The Lord of the Rings. It’s official, I

John Williams’ Jurassic Park theme will never be the same again

John Williams created a classic theme song when he composed Jurassic Park. When I first saw the scene with a herd of dinosaurs, I was in awe. Williams’ score helped

‘No Batmobile for you!’ says U.S. judge

The Batmobile may be the single most iconic vehicle in comic book history. I mean lets face it, the dude can’t fly and he has no super powers. So how

Nyko Gaming alongside Yo Gabba Gabba!

In gaming there are so many accessory options and dozens of companies to boot, it sometimes can become hard to choose. Nyko has been an established name in gaming accessories

Let’s buy Facebook – IPO

Let’s Buy Facebook – IPO – Disney is with children, Facebook is to internet connectivity

Evil has a new face…Hollow Face

There’s a new boogie man in town, and his name is Hollow Face. He can be seen in the upcoming movie called Intruders. All Hollow Face wants is love, but

The Last Story gets an English trailer, but will it come to America?

I was baffled when I found out that Nintendo was purposely not talking about Xenoblade: Chronicles at E3 2011. I mean, you have a game that looks fantastic, has gotten

Lollipop Chainsaw pre-order options has something for everyone

  If you’re a fan of pre-order shenanigans, alternate outfits, or both, Warner Bros. Interactive has got all your bases covered. They’ve just recently revealed all of the delicious options

First in-game screenshots for The Last of Us

Game Informer magazine has quite the exclusive this month: the first in-game screenshots for Naughty Dog’s recently announced game, “The Last of Us“. So far, all we have is the

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention – It’s over 10 million hours!

If school could be as fun as Disgaea 3, I would have never left or become and instructor. Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice for the VITA is a port of

Is Mass Effect 3 really better with the Kinect?

So is Mass Effect 3 going to be better with the Kinect? BioWare seems to think so (I’d like to think that Microsoft is pushing BioWare to implement Kinect compatibility).

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City – USS & Spec Ops character trailer

Here’s a character trailer for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. The video gives you a little more insight on the U.S.S. Delta team members (Lupo, Vector, Spectre, Four Eyes, Beltway,

Skyrim intervention, something we all need…

Do you or a loved one suffer from the addiction of Skyrim? Have they been going on and on about dragons returning? Do they neglect to do things because they

Kristen Schaal shows off her juggling skills while playing the Xperia

The Sony Xperia play is a phone and gaming system. What was originally thought to be a PSP meets a smartphone became an Android-powered smartphone that can play specific PlayStation

Soon you can own Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir

The guys over at eFX Collectibles recently revealed their new Marvel’s Avengers line of props including Captain America’s helmet and shield, Thor’s helmet, and Iron Man’s helmet. Today, they have