Brisk Bodega Cantina: Star Wars Episode I Art Show Photos

Just a few days ago, downtown Los Angeles played host to the Brisk Bodega Cantina: Star Wars Episode I Art Show to hype up the re-release of Episode I in

Super Bowl was predicted by a video game

You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, We know Madden does it every year.” But that’s where you will be wrong. Sure, Madden did one for this year’s Super Bowl. But that was

Photos from Shonen Jump Alpha Sneak Peek

Last week, Nerd Reactor headed out to the West Hollywood Library to catch a sneak peak at the launch of Shonen Jump Alpha, a new weekly digital manga app that

Max Landis, Chronicle writer, rants on the Death and Return of Superman

What a perfect time to release this retelling of the Death and Return of Superman with the release of Chronicle. Max Landis, who wrote Chronicle, does a drunk retelling of

New John Carter images featuring the beautiful Dejah Thoris and Tars Tarkas

More images have surfaced for Disney’s John Carter after the Super Bowl spot premiered for the movie. These images include Lynn Collins as the sexy Dejah Thoris and Willem Dafoe

RIP BTJunkie – Your addiction is now over

Another file sharing site has bit the dust. This time it’s BTJunkie, the 7-year-old torrent site. The popular torrent site has decided to shut down voluntarily, after seeing what the

Vile D-Arts figure has fine taste in liquors

Let’s face facts here; Vile is probably the most badass villain in the entire Megaman universe. Sure, Sigma has plot devices that allow him to somehow not die, and Bass

Transformers: The Ride in 3D gets a Super Bowl spot

Universal Studios Hollywood will be getting the new Transformers: The Ride in 3D this May 2012. I’m not too excited about these 3D rides at Universal Studios, since the King

Move over Mega64, Snake be trollin’

German group NosTeraFuTV has created a prank video featuring our man, Big Boss from the Megal Gear Solid series, trolling in real life. From crawling in the middle of the

The godfather of sci-fi, John Carter, extended Super Bowl spot

Here’s the extended Super Bowl tv spot for Disney’s John Carter. This movie is my first anticipated movie of the year. We have Andrew Stanton, the director of Finding Nemo

DIY Dungeons & Dragons dice gauntlet

Imagine that you’re at your weekly Dungeons and Dragons game. As you’re looking through your dice pouch, you realize that you’re missing your twenty-sided dice. Or perhaps your beloved pet

Metlife’s ultimate cartoon crossover Super Bowl spot

Talk about crossover. When I was a little kid, I use to trip out every time I saw Gizmo Duck on Duck Tales and Darkwing Duck. Normally, the Peanuts are

The Hulk rampages through The Avengers extended Super Bowl teaser

Quite possibly the most highly anticipated spot for this year’s Super Bowl was the new teaser for The Avenger. With just a few short months left until the iconic blockbuster

NR Podcast – Chronicle review

What would it be like if you and two of your closest friends in high school were given super powers? Would you use them for good, or would you use

Say goodbye to Playstation Network and hello to Sony Entertainment Network

In a bit of an odd move, Sony has decided to phase out the name “PlayStation Network” and instead make it an all encompassing Sony Entertainment Network starting on February 8th. Nothing

WWE and UFC going 3D?

Just announced today, UFC 143 will be the organization’s first PPV to go 3D. For a whopping $64.99, viewers will be able to enjoy all the brutal action of the

Photos from the Doctor Who Burlesque Show

Recently the Nerd Reactor crew was privileged enough to have been invited to check out Peepshow Menagerie‘s production of a Doctor Who themed burlesque show entitled, ‘Space Tease: A Burlesque Adventure Through

New writer brings new ‘INPUT’ into Short Circuit remake

Five dollars to anyone who read out loud the quotes in the title in their best Johnny 5 voice. It has just been announced that Dimension Films has hired screenwriter

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier gameplay trailer says FU to Battlefield and Call of Duy

New trailer for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier has just hit the net and is looking damn good. I got to be honest and say this has not been on my

Want a chance to walk the red carpet of Disney’s John Carter? Become a D23 member

If you’re a D23 member, you’re in luck. On Wednesday, Feb. 8, D23: The Official Disney Fan Club will be having free tickets (as long as they’re available) for Disney’s