Set photo of Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Man of Steel major plot spoiler inside

Update (March 2, 2012): We’ve added more photos on the set of Man of Steel

Our good buddies over at Nuke the Fridge has a set photo of Amy Adams as Lois Lane in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. By looking at the picture below, you can also see Henry Cavill as Superman. According to NtF, the lady underneath the other umbrella is Faora, General Zod’s wife. The photo was taken during a pivotal scene in the movie. Possible spoilers below.

So what’s the plot behind the image above? Spoiler warning: Reports says that the scene involves the military, including vehicles and 200 military soldiers, and Zod’s forces striking a deal. Zod wants the military to give up Superman…and Lois Lane.

Here’s are two new photos on the set of Man of Steel featuring Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Henry Cavill as Superman, and Christopher Meloni as Colonel Hardy.

Click here to head to NtF’s Facebook link for a closeup of Lois Lane and Superman, albeit a bit pixelated.

We’re also given details about Faora’s look. She is sporting a black cape, black alien suit, and slicked-back hair.

Below is the exchange between Faora, Superman, and Colonel Hardy. The following has been altered from the actual spy source (to protect his identity), but it should give you a pretty good idea about the scene.

{Exterior Shot} Various Military vehicles and 200 military soldiers are prone, all in formation as if ready to stand off as they wait for TWO female Kryptonians to land their ships. Among them is Faora as she walks past Superman, himself standing and ever ready. Faora then walks over to Colonel Hardy who stand with his men behind the barricade as she begins to speak-

Faora: “General Zod wants this woman to come with me.”

Faora then gestures to non other then Lois Lane. Hardy is quick to object.

Colonel Hardy: “You asked for the Alien, you never said anything about one of our women!”

Faora: “Shall I tell the General you are not willing to comply?”

Colonel Hardy: “I don’t care what you tell him!”

Lois then emerges from behind the barricade as she gestures of Hardy.

Lois Lane: “It’s okay, I’ll go.”

Lois then follows Faora as they walk back to the ship. Superman however tries to stop her fearing for Lois’ life. Faora then finally addresses Superman.

Faora: “If I was going to kill her she would be dead already. I am incapable of emotion…”

Check out the full description at NtF.

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