Pac-Man to get a new US cartoon. Hide the children


American TV adaptations of video games have been scant these days, with providers instead opting to air the localized versions of ones produced in Japan. Largely because the US results had been less than favorable in the past. Apparently Namco is set to break the long silence, with the announcement of a new animated cartoon series for US audiences based on their power pellet eating, ghost chomping hero, Pac-Man.

The show in question, which is to be called Pac-Man: The Adventure Begins, is the result of Namco’s new partnership with Arad Productions and 41 Entertainment. The program will be done in full stereoscopic 3D animation, and is scheduled to begin airing on Disney XD in the fall of 2013.

Some of you young whippersnappers may be surprised to hear that this actually isn’t the first time Pac-Man had his own TV spot. Back in the early 80’s, a cartoon series based on the game starred the iconic video game hero, as well as Ms. Pac-Man (named Pepper in the show) and their kid. While it only lasted for two seasons, it did garner enough success to produce an obligatory Christmas special.

As for our new series, not a whole lot of information is available at the moment regarding things such as plot and supporting characters. It at least looks presentable so far, but only time will tell whether it would actually be worthwhile to watch it. One of the producers was also the creator of Biker Mice From Mars, so it shouldn’t be that bad……. right?

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