Assassin’s Creed III to lay the smackdown on the English, Loyalists, Patriots, and Native Americans?

A Best Buy employee has taken a snapshot of what’s supposedly an Assassin’s Creed III promotional art on one of their employee news section and sent it to Kotaku. The news section also mentions that Ubisoft would reveal the game on March 5th, and that there would be pre-order bonuses. Will this be an exclusive for Best Buy?

Now by looking at the image at a glance, it looks like Assassin’s Creed III will be set during the American Revolution, based on the 13-star flag, the clothing, and weaponry. We can speculate that the new assassin has Native American influence, since he’s carrying a tomahawk (which happens to be shaped like the Assassin’s Creed symbol), and bow and arrows. He’s wielding a pistol, wearing an 18th-century uniform, and standing in front of the 13-star flag, which may indicate that he may also be a patriot.

Even though nothing is confirmed yet, this looks pretty legit. There are so many questions. How would an Assassin’s Creed be like during the American Revolution? What kind of environments will the game have? Will it include the forest? Colonial buildings? I mean, it has to have a Native American village right? What does make the game interesting is the possibilities having Native Americans, Loyalists, Patriots, and the English Redcoats in the game.

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