Yu-Gi-Oh! Players had a few questions about the upcoming Battle Pack Epic Dawn, we got them answered

For Yu-Gi-Oh! players, the surprise announcement of the Battle Pack: Epic Dawn was a nice change of pace when cards like Tour Guide of the Underworld, Fiendish Chain, Fabled Raven and more would be getting a reprint, making it easier for duelists to get and put in their decks.

While it’s just like other cards games, the pull ratio on the cards are complete luck, with 5 cards per pack (1 Rare, 3 Common and one “Shiny” cards). 220 cards in all duelists have a whole new game to play with what Konami calls sealed pack play, and when you’re done adding the cards to your deck for normal play.

We had the chance to ask Jason Chai, Brand Manager Card Business from Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. about the Epic Battle Pack and what we can expect.

NR:  What was the inspiration to releasing the Battle Pack to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists?

Jason Chai: The Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG has never had a product designed specifically for sealed pack play. (That’s where you open up new packs on the spot, and play just with the cards from those packs. It puts everyone on a level playing field, and tests your skills and your ability to think on your feet.) After ten years of making cards, we finally have a large enough pool where we can pick the best of the best and make a set that’s top-notch for sealed pack play.

NR: With heavily wanted cards like Tour Guide of the Underworld, Fabled Raven, Doomcalibur Knight and ones not yet announced., what was the decision in releasing these and any future cards in the set?

Jason Chai: The main purpose of Battle Pack: Epic Dawn is to play sealed pack style with your friends, or at a tournament. But after that’s over, you’re still left with the cards you got from those packs. So after you’ve had fun playing your sealed pack Deck, it’s nice to walk away with some powerful cards to add to your collection or your regular Deck, as a bonus.

We’re also aware that some players will use battle packs for “draft play,” which is where you choose 1 card from the pack and then pass the rest to one of your opponents. Then they draft 1 card, pass the rest on, etc. One of the most interesting things in draft play is “rare drafting,” where you choose a card not because it will help your Deck in that tournament, but because you want to keep the card for your collection afterwards. Adding some high-power cards that players want for their regular collections will inject this extra element of fun for those players who do decide to try out draft play.

“Tour Guide From the Underworld” is an interesting case. It’s probably the most anticipated reprint in this set. Tour Guide was originally published in May of 2011, and we promoted it as a prelude to the new Xyz Monsters that were coming out a few months later. But it seems a lot of players didn’t recognize Tour Guide’s potential at the time, and didn’t pick it up when it was widely available. So a reprint of the card seemed due.

NR: This seems similar to OCG’s Gold where you can pull a common or Gold, does Konami have plans for doing similar things in the future for TCG players?

Jason Chai: We plan on doing this for all upcoming Battle Pack sets that follow Epic Dawn. As to whether we use this approach in other products, we’ll have to see what the fan reaction is.

NR: $1.99 per pack? With some highly wanted cards why so cheap?

Jason Chai: We wanted to keep the number of cards per pack at 5 cards per pack, which allows for easy sealed pack play with 10 packs where you get 50 cards, and build a 40-card Deck plus Extra Deck for your Duels.  If you can play sealed pack play for just $20, what’s even better?  And since we’re debuting a new format, we wanted to debut a new foil technology too, similar to the foil technology in the American Duel Terminals.  

NR: What was the deciding factor to release It in May?

Jason Chai: The month of May heads into our heaviest tournament season, with the final weeks of this year’s Regional Qualifiers, the World Championship Qualifier, the Summer conventions, and the World Championship. Not to mention, it’s heading into the summer holiday season as well, so Duelists who may want something to do can play sealed pack play!  Battle packs give Duelists a fun, new way to play for the Summer season!

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